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2008-12-05 11:33:07
  Re: Re: [hispamsx] MSX Viewer 5
  By: slotman(_en_)icongames(_punto_)com(_punto_)br to 
hispamsx(_en_)yahoogroups(_punto_)com on Thu Dec 04 2008 16:15:14

Hice un erro. Esta mensaje deberia ser privada, pero cometi un equivoco y
la envié también en la lista. No se repetira mas.

No te preocupes, equivocarse es de humanos :)

(and sorry, I don't speak spanish, so the above may be a little
confusing... I'm just saying I'm sorry, I didnt meant the message to be on
the list - it was supposed to be private, but I made a mistake. And it
won't happen again)

It's absolutely understable :) Do not worry about that, mistakes are a human
thing. We are happy to have here MSX users and developers around the world, but
the language have to be Spanish and under special circumstances -like right now
- English.



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