Passion MSX2 Contest 2nd Edition

2009-07-01 07:24:42
Exactly one year ago, we have launched the 1st edition of the Passion MSX2 
Contest, but, unfortunaly, it has given only two games. We can note that the 
1st edition of MSXdev' had only given 3 games. There must a beginning for 
everything !

It is the cumulated result of two elements :
- lack of chance for the RyJuZo team, who has discovered lately some annoying 
bugs in his ambitious project KnightMare III - Raziëls Revenge;
- apparent lack of interest from other coders (with exception for the Infinite 
and TNI teams), to which we recommend the exclusive using of the Passion MSX 
forums for any discussion, suggestion, asking for explanation in relation with 
the contest.

However, this situation does not prevent the Passion MSX team from going ahead 
and coming already on 1st July 2009 with the 2nd edition of the Passion MSX2 
Contest and an unaltered goal : the creation of new quality games for the 
second generation of our beloved system, in other words : MSX2 !

Deadline is fixed to 30 June 2010, the format of your game needs to be a ROM 
file with a maximum size of 512 kb, the game needs to be created specifically 
for MSX2 and to work also without any problem on MSX2+ and MSXturboR.

Some changes by comparison with the 1st edition :

- the MSX2 machine needs to have 128 KB RAM in stead of 64 KB (by reference 
with the RAM size of most European MSX2 machines);
- what concerns the MSX2+ compatibility, it must only be guaranteeed for the 
machines whose the RAM has been extended internally or externally to 128 KB;
- there are still 3 prizes, but the global amount is 1500 € in stead of 999 €;
- the non permanent member of the jury for this 2nd edition is Manuel Pazos, an 
excellent Spanish coder.

For more infos, check our review about the contest ! Good luck to everybody !


French version :


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