Big update of the blueMSX databases !!!

2012-11-11 21:59:53
Since 2009, the blueMSX databases have not been updated. Different personal 
reasons explain that, but I don't want to annoy you with more details.

We have however collected many new data, especially because the MSX, Coleco and 
Sega communities are very active. So, here's finally a big update that must be 
viewed as a prelude to a new version of your preferred emulator.

Np, you don't dream, we are preparing also a big update of the emulator itself 

You can find the updated databases on our Resource page. 


Here's a small list of the changes :

- Coleco database : added many alternative dumps and new created roms

- Sega database : added many new dumps, especially Korean games

Remarks about Sega games :
* at the moment, you need to rename the small Korean/Taiwanese .sms games with 
the .rom extension (the .sms extension will be supported in next blueMSX 
* some games don't work, we hope to fix that in the new version of the emulator 
(the RAM extension for King's Valley will be emulated and there are also 
launching problems to be fixed)
* the 4 following games require to be launched on the SF-7000 machine : Magical 
Kid Wiz, Super Boy I, Super Boy III, Xyzolog

- SVI database : added some dumps, especially in the dsk section

- MSX tape database : no any change (will be developed later)

- MSX system roms database : added new dumps, many are related to new machines

- MSX game roms database : added a mountain of new creations, alternative dumps 
coming especially from Korea, Arabic countries, the MSX Legacy Collection, also 
conversions and/or improvements and/or translations made by Django, GDX, 
Kabish, the MSX Files team, etc ...

Remark : some Korean MSX games use the MSXDOS2 mapper, it's recommend to select 
this mapper manually as the emulator fails to use the correct mapper in this 
case, even with the updated database (a bug that we hope to fix in the new 
blueMSX version)

Enjoy still better your preferred emulator with these updated databases ! 

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