RV: Gals Quest; Princess's Pursuit promo released

2001-06-17 02:40:59

    Un nuevo juego japo, revisad los enlaces :)

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Asunto: Gals Quest; Princess's Pursuit promo released

Kamei of Tomorrows Soft released a promo for Gals Quest; Princess's
as his 4th title in the Gals Quest lineup.
The promo runs on any MSX2 environment, and probably on any MSX

Download gqmtrial.lzh from

More information and screenshots are browsable in;

Princess's Pursuit deals with Princess Melone, who was giving orders to
Haide in Gals Quest 1 (http://www.msxnet.org/gtinter/gq1/gq1warne.htm),
leaving her home to the quest for Haide who disappeared without trace.

This promo version does not include any gameplay, though you can enjoy a
10-minute long scale animating opening demo, and a character selection
you can choose one from assortment of almost twenty cuties and a few

The opening demo includes;
- Fullfledged PSG tunes
- State-of-the-art graphics
- Smooth animations
- Three brutal punches in a guy's face


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