blueMSX 2.3

2005-06-18 19:30:12
Version 2.3 of blueMSX is available !

Main improvements concern the printer support and the debugger.

Printer support :
- MSX printer and Epson FX-80 printer are emulated
- You can also write to a text file
- The printer port can be used as sound device (SiMPL/Covox DAC)

Enhanced version of the debugger :
- Added symbol file support in debugger (tniASM, asMSX, ...):
* Symbols can be shown/hidden in the disassembly window
* Symbol names can be used to look up an address in the memory window
- Added stack window
- Added 'step into' feature
- Added 'step out' feature
- Added more options to enable/disable breakpoints
- Added a goto dialog to jump to a specific address or symbol in the disassembly window
- Made visible memory writable in debugger
- Added support for asMSX DEBUG command (shown in trace logger window)
- Added support for BiFi's BREAKPOINT command (set bp from assembler)
- Fixed hotkey handling in debugger

Other changes in the emulator :
- Added German and Polish languages
- Updated Italian language support
- Updated C-BIOS machines to version 0.21
- Corrected the Brazilian MSX1 and MSX2 machines (1 physical drive and 2 logical drives) - Improved MSX-MUSIC support by implementing Mitsutaka Okazaki new YM2413 core
- Added FDC Audio samples
- Added support for Tetris 2 special edition copyright protection dongle
- Added keyboard lock handle for Japanese function keys
- Corrected frequency of MSX-AUDIO (runs now at 50 Khz)
- Corrected noise support in the ColecoVision console
- Fixed Hq2x and Hq3x palette bug
- Fixed VDP horizontal scroll bug (Tetris 2 special edition)
- Fixed VDP addressing bug (F-Nano 2)
- Fixed sprite collision detection bug
- Fixed screen 2 addressing bug
- Fixed bug that made joystick config to resets to NONE after reboot
- Fixed bug related to subdirectory when running on read only media

You can find this emulator here : http://www.bluemsx.com

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