blueMSX 2.3.1

2005-06-25 22:43:46
Version 2.3.1 of blueMSX is available ! 

It comes one week after previous version to mainly correct some annoying bugs 
in the emulator and in the debugger. It is also an occasion to add some new 
features to the debugger. 

Update of the debugger : 
- Added Japanese translation of the debugger 
- Added assembly style flags (in addition to the other flags) in the CPU 
registry window. 
- Added set breakpoint dialog that takes an address or a symbol 
- Updated BiFi's breakpoints (he'll release a description about it soon after 
our release) 
- Added BiFi's debug command (see his description that is coming) 
- Made step over work with block commands (ldir, cpir, otir, ....) 

Bugfixes : 
- Fixed ASCII SRAM mapper bug 
- Fixed minor bug in debugger hotkeys 
- Fixed memory address input to work with large numbers 
- Fixed bug in debugger that made writing to memory and registers to fail 
- Fixed bug that made dropdowns in debugger to show incorrectly on some Windows 
- Fixed VDP bug that made the intro of the game FEEDBACK to fail (command 
engine now continues to execute after screensplit) 
- Fixed VDP bug in the PSET command (made the stars show incorrectly in the 
- Fixed bug in fullscreen mode when using F12 (reset) if the menu is visible

For the pleasure of the gamers, blueMSX includes, since his version 2.3.0, a 
great number of cheat files. In this version, it concerns 242 games. These 
cheats were developed by BiFi and Vampier who tested them in openMSX and 
adapted them for blueMSX. 

You can find this emulator here : http://www.bluemsx.com

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