Neon Nights MSX : new design

2005-09-27 01:12:27
Neon Nights MSX : new design 

The Brazilian site Neon Nights MSX has been redesigned and includes 
now a complete walthrough of Aleste Gaiden (Compile, 1989). 

4 maps of Spanish games have also been added : 
- Mutant Zone (Opera Soft, 1987) 
- Navy Moves 2 (Dinamic, 1988) 
- Robocop (Ocean, 1987) 
- Sol Negro (Opera Soft, 1989) 

Future plans of this website will concern MSX RPG games; actually, the 
complete walkthrough of Fray (Microcabin, 1990) is already planned for 
the next update ! 


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