RE: [hispamsx] z80b

2005-09-27 14:10:13
Y qué tal hacerlo desde BASIC?

Prueba simplemente con OUT &h41,0
Debería funcionar bien -suponiendo que no se me haya ido la pinza con la sintaxis del OUT en BASIC-.

OUT (040H),A;out the manufacturer code 8 (Panasonic) to I/O port 40h
INA,(040H);read the value you have just written
CPL;complement all bits of the value
CP8;if it does not match the value you originally wrote,
JRNZ,Not_WX;it is not a WX/WSX/FX.
XORA;write 0 to I/O port 41h
OUT(041H),A;and the mode changes to high-speed clock

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