Guru Logic walkthroughs

2006-01-08 15:08:37
Guru Logic walkthroughs 

The website MSX Valley has been updated with addition of 3 new 
sections, 2 are dedicated to the fan adaptations for MSX of Guru 
Logic, released by Compile/Aiky in 2001 for Game Boy Advance. 

Although these fan versions are freeware products, they have been 
removed from Internet on request of Aiky that could release in the 
future an official version, based on the MSX2 fan version. In the 
meantime, you can see all the screenshots, view all the tips to 
resolve the puzzles on MSX Valley. 

You can also download MP3 files, created with blueMSX, of the SCC 
songs that are in the MSX2 fan version. MP3 files can also be found on 
the 3rd new section, dedicated to Unicorn, especially on the page 
about the Foundation 2 demo. 


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