CocoaMSX 1.0

2013-01-13 10:53:21
After the ports for the XBOX and Wii consoles, the Android, iOS and WebOS 
portable systems, the great blueMSX emulator has been ported to Mac OS X 
version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and higher. CocoaMSX 1.0 is now available ! 
What are the features of this port ?
- support for over 200 MSX systems *
- built-in support for cartridge (ROM) files
- support for diskette (DSK) and cassette (CAS) files *
- support for MSX-Music, MSX-Audio, Moonsound, SCC and PSG sound systems
- various video effects, such as scanlines and signal noise simulation
- snapshots with previews in Finder
- support for MSX joysticks, joypads and mice
- flexible keyboard and input peripheral configuration
- screen capture
- audio capture
- full screen support, including multi-desktop mode full screen on Lion (10.7) 
and higher
- automatic updates
* Requires installation of additional machines as CocoaMSX comes only with the 
C-BIOS roms. However, you can find on the Resource page of the blueMSX website 
many generic and specific machines that can also be used with CocoaMSX. For 
generic machines, it's recommended to download a full package with 31 generic 
MSX machines (including the Shared Roms sub-directory). Once you have an 
archive, unzip it in the emulator's "Machines" directory, then restart the 
emulator. To find the location of the folder, open Preferences, click Show in 
Finder under the General tab.

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