Re: [hispamsx] Hello World !!!! para MNBIOS

2004-03-26 20:04:45
On Fri, 26 Mar 2004 14:14:58 -0300, Flyguille wrote:

MNBIOS kernel already is able to switch bettwen 2 or 4 video pages
(depending of the screen mode ofcource) and the windowing system is capable
to host any windows on any page...that is the kernel.... the User interface
in his basic form only use one, but following that concept is possible do up
to 4 desktops if i want to do that, right now? i don't want lose my time in
"make up".
And i are talking of BITMAPS (screen 5, 6, 7 y 8) and not chrs matrix......
ofcourse, is more simply save 1k or 2k of text matrix instead a 32k or 64k.

  But then you are not targeting expandability. You are tying your BIOS to
the MSX system we have nowadays. You are just packing the existent features
"in nice functions". This could be done creating a simple library.

A graphical enviroment is that where you got the capability of program
objects like buttons...text box ... and then use it...

  !? If this is your only requirement for a GUI, then you also could
pack it as a simple library. This is only border-services into a GUI, 
not its primary functions.

on the MNBIOS all objects will come in driver library implement.... the
kernel foresee this way to work for that support functions for calculate
coordiantes inside a window between other things like the windowing instance

  Primary function is: GPI (with device contexts), message queues and so on.
You can build a GUI even without specifying buttons or anything. They
are just windows (and this is everything a GUI cares about: managing
Windows display and data entry). And relative position is just the
iceberg tip when talking about context-windows.

256x192? screen 2 o 4?  that is a crap. you will lose much time calculating
the pattern byte of a coordinates. Bad desition.

  Every screen from 1 to 5 and 8 to 12 can be displayed in 256x192,
not only screen 2 and 4.

On MNBIOS the programs will usefull the graphic environments if the
aplication want.

  So do UZIX about X-Wind. Text and Graphical apps can coexist. Text
apps can run in graphical terminals too.
  Anyway I had done the beggings of a full-ASM Graphical User Interface
for MSX-DOS2. It's called Breeze and its page can be found here: 


  I stopped because I was bored with its performance: even in full ASM
programming, V99x8 is damn too slow!

And how hell i made a FAST graphic enviroment on v9938????? Just write "FCB"
on DEMO mnbios version for see how fast is.

  Of course it is. Pretty fast. So fast that even when writing a plain filled
box I can see it drawing. Run Breeze and you will see it. And please, do
not say it's bad programming. It could be improved, yes. But the graphical
display (VDP "fast" commands) are too slow... urgh!

NO NO!!!, count only kernel functions plus I/O native drivers
functions....like COM / DISK / BDOS (BDOS on mnbios is MDOS).

  Maybe I'm misinformed... But who said "number of functions" make a
OS better? If this was a real statement, Windows NT would be the
better system ever. And everybody that really knows anything about
software engineering knows it is the biggest piece of crap in the
whole history.

   Anyway, why COM / DISK / BDOS functions can be counted and 
TCP/IP cannot? This makes no sense to me. No sense at all.


Daniel Caetano

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