Re: [hispamsx] Hello World !!!! para MNBIOS

2004-03-28 01:04:07


256x192? screen 2 o 4?  that is a crap. you will lose much time calculating
the pattern byte of a coordinates. Bad desition.
 Every screen from 1 to 5 and 8 to 12 can be displayed in 256x192,
not only screen 2 and 4.
Yes i know that, but is not the default mode.

  There is "default" mode when not using BIOS? AFAIK, its just a matter
of setting the proper bits in the VDP.

NOOO, the OS better not depend about number of functions.... it depend about
what you can do in it, plus how fast is, plus how easy to programming
is.....plus how easy is to implement new hardware... plus how easy is to
expand it.

  Then ... why the hell are everyone using Windows in the world? q^=

greetings Daniel, now... why you not write in spanish?

  Because I'm a portuguese speaker, not spanish. I can read spanish,
Italiano and I even read something from Francaise and Latin... But 
write is something I only do in portuguese and english.


  Daniel Caetano
  daniel(_en_)caetano(_punto_)eng(_punto_)br - http://www.caetano.eng.br/

..."A necessidade de criatividade e' o que contribui para a 
mudanca. A criatividade mantem o criador vivo." (Frank Herbert)

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