Re: [hispamsx] Hello World !!!! para MNBIOS

2004-03-28 06:56:34
On Sat, 27 Mar 2004 22:24:10 -0300, Flyguille wrote:

 Wow... MSX-DOS with TSRs! Hummm... I think I had already
read something about it.
Not remove that sentence of the context..
I was talking about a "multitasking" word, for call as multitasking to a OS.
This need allow to change the aplication without close and reruning it. If
on other hand that OS support background process COOL!.

  No, it does not support "background process", because it is not being
processed in background. Like in yout description of MNBIOS, MSX-DOS does
support (with some help of some external programs) "hybernated processes"
(it is not a technical name, but I think it's more adequate than "background
process" for something is not running at all... it's just there, loaded into


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