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2008-07-31 14:34:28
At 03:57  31/07/2008, you wrote:
Err... I have a message from a user in Fidonet that says this:

Esto.... en el 20P no me rula.. ? :/
En cambio en el 8235 si.. Falta probarlo en algun otro MSX1... alguien lo ha
probao? :)

Summarizing: Jungle Hunt work in 8235 (MSX2) but don't work in Sony HB-20p. Sony HB-
20p have 64k of Ram.

Strange, but unfortunaly I don't have that specific computer... I only have an A1ST, and for tests on other computers I rely on friends ;)

The game *should* work, no matter where the RAM is. I've tested the ROM with slot 2 and slot 3 MSX1 computers (brazilian's MSX Expert and Hotbit), without any problems.

I also just ran the game on OpenMSX emulating a Sony HB-201p (There's no HB-20p on the machines list) and it worked fine. Also tested on BlueMSX HB-201 (no HB-20p either) and it worked too...

Maybe the guy had a faulty cartridge? Have he tested it on other MSX computers to see if the cart is ok?


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