RE: Caos:Begins no va and Jungle Hunt

2008-07-31 08:57:39

Jungle Hunt will never work on a PX7 - It needs an MSX with 64k of 
RAM to work, and the PX7 (According to MSXFaq) only has 32k of RAM. 
The ROM size is 32k, but it's a lot of compressed stuff, so it needs 
64k to work.

Ok. Well, Jungle Hunt can't work in PX-7. :) But the problem is Caos, is very 
strange. In my 
PX-7 works fine.

Jungle Hunt was tested on several MSXs (1, 2, 2+, tR) both by me and 
Matra, and it should works on every MSX with 64k of RAM.

Err... I have a message from a user in Fidonet that says this:

Esto.... en el 20P no me rula.. ? :/
En cambio en el 8235 si.. Falta probarlo en algun otro MSX1... alguien lo ha
probao? :)

Summarizing: Jungle Hunt work in 8235 (MSX2) but don't work in Sony HB-20p. 
Sony HB-
20p have 64k of Ram. 

Do you know this problem Slotman?  HB-20p have all memory in the same slot, and 
expander (slot 3). Is very strange... :/

Have you a 20p for test it Slotman? 

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