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1. 3rd entry in the MSXdev'06 contest : LUX by XL2S Entertainment (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 00:39:19 +0100
3rd entry in the MSXdev'06 contest : LUX by XL2S Entertainment The winners of the MSXdev'05 contest, XL2S Entertainment, with the game The Cure, have announced their participation to the 2006 edition
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2. MSX Solutions news (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 23:35:00 +0100
One more map on MSX Solutions, the reference if you are searching your way in the great MSX games ! This time, the game Feud (Mastertronic, 1987) is concerned !
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3. New update of MSX Solutions (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 00:24:04 +0100
New update of MSX Solutions On request from some MRC visitors, Fabio of MSX Solutions has updated his populair website with the map of a somewhat mysterious game, Mashou no Yakata Gabalin, released b
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4. MSX Walkthroughs (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 22:06:42 +0100
August 2007 begins in full force : a new Spanish website, dedicated to the MSX games, has appeared on the domain, that was already hosting Knightmare Saga, MSXdev', MSX Maps, MSX Neon Nig
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5. Review on Passion MSX about YS 1 - Ancient Ys Vanished Omen (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 02:57:13 +0100
First review on Passion MSX in the year 2008 : it concerns a legende in the RPG world, you know these games with very long adventures where experience, physical energy and magical powers are combined
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6. blueMSX 2.6 (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 06:08:13 +0100
Version 2.6 of blueMSX has been released ! blueMSX is the first freeware emulator to support the Game Reader, a device that allows an user to play real MSX cartridges on a PC. blueMSX is using Vincen
/archive/msg23290.html (8,224 bytes)

7. MSX Universe launched on Netvibes (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Sat, 05 Apr 2008 14:13:31 +0100
Since 12 March 2008, the first 100% MSX Universe has been launched on Netvibes. This is a page you absolutely need to place in your favourites or make it your browser's start page. At a glance it hel
/archive/msg24114.html (6,180 bytes)

8. The symbiosis Passion MSX - MSX blue (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Sat, 03 Oct 2009 01:31:27 +0100
For the first time in the MSX history on Internet, two bilingual (English – French) websites are conceived in perfect symbiosis, in a way that each site has its originality but also that both sites
/archive/msg24439.html (6,800 bytes)

9. MSX Solutions : Theseus, the 50th map (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 01:12:26 +0100
MSX Solutions : Theseus, the 50th map Almost one year after his creation, the populair website MSX Solutions contains 3 walkthroughs and 50 maps of MSX Games and his visitor counter is over 9000 ! Fa
/archive/msg22304.html (6,118 bytes)

10. MSX Solutions giga update (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 14:44:08 +0100
9 months after a mega update (14 new game maps), MSX Solutions is back with a ... giga update : no less than 20 MSX games are this time concerned !!! Here's the complete list : Addicta Ball (Alligata
/archive/msg23900.html (6,523 bytes)

11. MSXdev'06 6th entry: Malaika - Prehistoric Quest by Karoshi Corporation (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Mon, 15 May 2006 22:55:37 +0100
MSXdev'06 6th entry: Malaika - Prehistoric Quest by Karoshi Corporation Less than one month after his launching, the 2006 edition of the MSXdev contest seems to become really a great edition, as 6 en
/archive/msg22856.html (6,666 bytes)

12. Hot update of MSX Walkthroughs (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 16:25:05 +0100
Teo López del Castillo has just added on his website MSX Walkthroughs a detailed help for the Japanese MSX2 game Tooshin Toshi, published by Alice Soft in 1991. The Japanese messages will never more
/archive/msg23921.html (5,829 bytes)

13. MSX Solutions : Starquake map (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 20:06:15 +0100
MSX Solutions : Starquake map The populair MSX Solutions website that contains maps and walkthroughs of many interesting MSX games has been updated with the map of Starquake, released by Bubble Bus i
/archive/msg22788.html (5,963 bytes)

14. New map on MSX Neon Nights (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 17:18:29 +0100
New map on MSX Neon Nights The Brazilian website MSX Neon Nights has been updated with the map of Silent Shadow, a game released by Topo Soft in 1988. Next updates will include extended walkthroughs
/archive/msg22504.html (5,782 bytes)

15. Godzilla walkthrough (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 00:31:01 +0100
Godzilla walkthrough More than 7000 visitors on MSX Solutions ! To celebrate this success and on request of many fans, a walkthrough of the game Godzilla has just been added. So, the gamers can now e
/archive/msg22030.html (6,003 bytes)

16. 800 Goodies on Passion MSX !!! (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Fri, 04 Jan 2008 12:58:45 +0100
The best thing to begin a new year is to run some good MSX productions ! The goal of 800 Goodies is now reached and I recommend to explore the castle of the Passion MSX treasures !! Here's the detail
/archive/msg24044.html (6,048 bytes)

17. Update of MSX Maps (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 22:29:13 +0100
The website MSX Maps has been updated with maps of Yuureikun (Mr.Ghost), a MSX2 game released in 1989 by System Sacom. The site has also been redesigned and some jpg files have been replaced by png f
/archive/msg22518.html (5,747 bytes)

18. MSX Solutions news (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Sun, 04 May 2008 14:10:44 +0100
Fabio, the creator of MSX Solutions, is always preparing nice surprises. You have guessed it, new game maps are available : - La Espada Sagrada - Parts I, II, III (Topo Soft, 1990) - Hades no Monsho
/archive/msg24130.html (6,398 bytes)

19. Computer Wars - English version (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Sat, 27 May 2006 23:50:23 +0100
As you know probably, the MSXdev team website is hosted on my domain, the MSX blue domain. But that's not all, I've decided to present on my site all the games of the MSXdev contests. For the moment,
/archive/msg22891.html (6,481 bytes)

20. MSX Solutions - 5000 visitors ! (puntuación: 1)
Autor: "mars2000you" <>
Fecha: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 00:31:47 +0100
With more than 5000 visitors from 57 countries since his creation end december 2004, MSX Solutions is the most populair site with maps of games. To celebrate this success, a new map has just been add
/archive/msg21670.html (5,846 bytes)

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