MSX Rating

2006-03-23 17:22:34


  First... sorry about the english message. Although my english
is terrible, my written spanish is even worse. :P

  I had announced some time ago on MSX.Org the re-release of
the MSX Rating service... but since not everybody follow MSX.Org
on a daily basis, I will announce it here too, since I noticed a
low number of spanish MSX sites on MSX Rating. :)

  MSX Rating is a comparative counter system. It is reseted every
24 hours, generating a daily rank of the best MSX pages. The historical
data is preserved and detailed stats can be reviewed in the Top List
provided by the service.

  The new MSX Rating is running for almost two months, the bugs
on the software seems to have been solved in the first two weeks
of service and it is now stable.

  Webmasters of MSX sites! It's easy to sign-up and be a member
of MSX Rating. Just visit:


   Use the link "Join" bellow MSX Rating logo to register your
MSX site and then add the code to your page.

  My kindest regards,

  Daniel Caetano

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