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2005-08-30 22:43:47
djdevild escribió:

Dear david turon culvi, Much to our regret we have to inform you that ASCII Solutions has decided not to produce the One Chip MSX computer. Unfortunately, the amount of pre-orders required for the device to be produced (5,000) was not reached. In accordance with the pre-order agreement, we hereby cancel your pre-order of a One Chip MSX computer.

At this moment MSX Association, the Japanese organization Bazix represents outside the Japanese borders, is investigating the possibilities of producing the One Chip MSX with a different partner, whilst considering to make a few alterations to the One Chip MSX design. If a decision has been made on this matter, we will inform you personally by e-mail.

Finally we would like to thank you for placing your pre-order and the trust you've put in the One Chip MSX computer. We would appreciate it if you would share your thoughts on the future of the One Chip MSX computer with us by sending an email to info(_en_)bazix(_punto_)nl.

With regards,

Bart Schouten
Rieks Warendorp Torringa
Sander Zuidema

hola , aqui os dejo un e-mail de bazix que me han enviado , que os parece ?

Hola, que es el mismo que he recibido yo, y mas o menos qu el de los japoneses.


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