RE: [hispamsx] El futuro del MSX

2003-02-24 19:21:29

Julio, sobre este tema ya te dije que seria mejor que no
hablaras, porque no tienes ni idea de lo que estas diciendo y
lo unico que vas a conseguir es perjudicarte a ti mismo.

Javi Lavandeira

  I will answer in English because my English is better than my Spanish.

1) We know exactly what we are talking about in the Manifest.
2) Don't you agree with the moviment? ok! We will respect that. So, try
to respect the others and let them talk freely... We are not the MSX
voice, so like you. Although, the same right you have to defend your
ideas the others have too. Just respect that.
3) We do not make money with MSX (like you), we do not have any business
or "agreements" envolving MSX (like you) and we do use MSX only because
we like it (probably not like you). Anyway, let me ask you something:
what will going to happen with "me" if I keep talking? Someone will
gonna sue me? Arreste me? Kill me? :P (your words was so threatful)...
:/ :\
4) The manifest is FREE EXPRESSION only. Everybody can read it, agree or
disagree. That's it. Don't youn like that others have them own feeling,
ideas and express themselves? Sorry...

  Any other comments from you about the Manifest will be ignored. 
  The document is there, everyone can just read that and start thinking
about (or just forget that). There is no obligations, just few moments
of reading.
  One more thing Javi: you can BLOCK all messagens in AAMSX.ORG (you are
the GOD there), but you can't block the "Internet" and make everybody
blind like you what to do in your WebSite. Sorry again...

  Julio Marchi
  MSX-ALL Team Coordinator
  ICQ: 4891610

  MSX-ALL Site.... http://www.msxall.com
  MSX-ALL Group... http://br.groups.yahoo.com/group/MSX-All
  ICR Channel..... irc.afternet.org - Channel #MSX

  Learn about the Manifest "Long life to MSX, but not for any price!" 
  taking a look at the document against the MSX Association acts at

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