Peazo Monitores (Alguien quiere?)

2002-04-01 18:40:55

Hola lista !

pues que dicen los Payochinos que si sirven los monitores a España, que son
de 220 V si queremos y tambien PAL o NTSC. De todas formas, por las
especificaciones se desprende que: Son multisync y cogen 800x600.

A alguien le interesa? Si es asi, hacemos un pedido de varios, fale?
Porque para uno solo, pues casi que no.


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Ivan.Isidro,how are you!

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a new year of peace and happiness!

OK you can place the order online and choose the AirFreight,and make the
payment via credit card.
And you can choose the NTSC or PAL-B version when you order.
Please feel free to contact me again ,thanks very much my friend!

Note: <1> XINGA factory is finished the CHINESE NEW YEAR holiday and open
again from 18th.Feb  ........

<2> Now XINGA WEBSITE have setuped the E-mail protect system, the infected
e-mail will be delete automatic, if you don't get the reply e-mail for
answer your question,it's mean maybe your e-mail have been infected by the
virus and our system delete it in the web server,so you can try to register
the XINGA member and use the XINGA FAQ system to send the message again.

With kind regards

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sales(_en_)xinga(_punto_)com on 29/03/2002 07:05:00 AM

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the monitor i am interested to is the UNIVERSAL 11.3" LCD MONITOR 2 (Item
num. XK-XA3200).
The paying method would be credit card or postal money order or "cash on
The shipping could be air-mail (or the one you use to use).

Just another question: Is it compatible with NTSC or PAL B/G?
Maybe i can choose TV system when order?

Thanks and regards,
Ivan Isidro

Dear :

   Your question have been replied already

   Question: Is it suitable for 220V?
<br />
How much is the shiiping costs for Spain?
<br />
Is there distributor in Europe?

   XINGA.COM Reply: Could you please tell me which item you are interested
in?How many pieces you want?Which shipping method you want?Sorry to bother
<br />
Thanks with best regards!

   Thank you for support XINGA.COM!

Date: 2002-03-29

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